Buy a Sukkah

Buy a Canvas Sukkah is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly and is pre-packaged in one concise box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium making it sturdy and lightweight, and ensuring that they will not rust or corrode. The slip-on fittings we provide are strong and durable, with hardened set screws for easy assembling and dismantling. A hexagon (Hex) key which we provide is the only tool needed.

Our Sukkahs are made of two toned Grey/Blue mildew resistant canvas, and are beautifully silk-screened with Ushpizin, Kiddush pictures, and windows. Using the simple to follow detailed instruction sheet, your Sukkah can be up in as little as 30 minutes. All Sukkas are equipped with a zippered door which can be partially or completely closed for your comfort and wind protection. The canvas is custom fitted, the corners reinforced and the fittings heavy and durable for extra support.

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