Bar Mitzvah Presents & Gift Store

Bar Mitzvah Presents & Gift Store
Bar Mitzvah Presents & Gift Store

Bar Mitzvah presents & gift store offering all manner of gifts and supplies for the celebration!

Bar Mitzvah Presents & Gift Ideas

Browse for a variety of Bar Mitzvah presents and gifts such as tefillin setstallitot, kippahsTorah Yad (Pointers), Jewish party favorsshofars, benchers, candles and so many more gifts and Jewish items at an unbelievable price.

At age 13 in Jewish tradition a boy becomes a man and takes upon himself the responsibility of the mitzvot – Torah commandments. He, and no longer his parents, is now considered responsible for his own actions.

Now counted in a minyan and able to be called up to the Torah, the ceremony is often celebrated with the young man being called up to read or say the blessings.  It is customary to gift the bar mitzvah boy with his very own Torah Yad – a pointer with which to follow on the scroll.

Other traditional bar mitzvah gifts include Jewish books from which to learn throughout his life and add to his new personal library. In addition, kiddush cups, shofars and other Judaica are also useful and valuable items that make wonderful presents. 

Oft considered to be the most special item recieved upon age 13 is the Tefillin (phylacteries). Containing a scroll with the entire Shema Yisrael, it is crucial the pair be written by a kosher scribe. Countless are the stories of adults cherishing their Tefillin throughout their lives, even by those who had planned to wear them only once. We also offer beautiful tefillin boxes and paint for proper and lasting care.

We also offer a wide selection of bar mitzvah party favors such as personalized kippahs and benchers, printed with the name and date of the ocassion. You can also order with us beautiful and fun centerpieces, printed chocolates, balloons, water bottles, wine glasses, and so much more! 

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