Sukkah, Lulav, Etrog for Sale

Here at Sukka we specialize in the sale of a Sukkah in Nylon, Canvas and wood along with accessories such as Bamboo Poles, Bamboo Mats, decorations and of course your Lulav and Esrog / Etrog Set. We’ll guarantee the best value and price every year, so don’t waste your time anywhere else.  Here is what we offer.

Sukkah Types

A sukkah is available in all sizes and 3 main models – water proof tarp nylon, canvas and wood.  Each are durable in their own right and have their specific advantages

The nylon sukkah is a lightweight waterproof choice that’s easy to assemble and store to be used year after year. An economical choice available in Green/Blue and matching Bamboo schach.

The canvas sukkah is an easy and popular choice to put up and comfortable to live in, and store. Canvas is a water resistant material that strong and durable.

The wooden panel sukkah, if you want the classic walls of wood panels that are lightweight yet triple supported for years of durability and also lightweight at only 35lbs per panel.

Finally, there is the portable sukka, a pop up sukka that oh so easy to carry and set up when traveling abroad or just an easy way to fill the mitzvah at home or anywhere.

Lulav & Esrog Set

Providing the best Lulav and Esrog set money can buy, your lulav set is professionally packed in a special tubular encasing with the aravos and hadas specially seal packaged for guaranteed freshness. Our sets are guaranteed delivered on time. You’ll be very impressed with our Lulav Set and we specialize in group shipments for maximum savings. So get together with some friends and order together for automatic quantity savings. Add quantity to your cart and view your cart to see the savings. Don’t worry it’s free to do so.