Candlesticks & Candelabrum

Candlesticks & Candelabrum
Candlesticks & Candelabrum

Shabbat candlesticks & candelabrum on sale now! 

Here at Ahuva we offer a unique collection of candle holders, shabbat candlesticks & candelabrum of all types, including silver, gold, glass, crystal, wood, and more! Many different sizes available. Browse our designs made by Jewish and Israeli artists featuring classic themes such as doves and pomegranites alongside modern creations. 

Candlesticks have always been a staple of a Jewish home and as such make the perfect Jewish wedding present. In addition, candle lighting has been a mitzvah traditionally performed by Jewish women and therefore it is also customary to gift a set to a new bat mitzvah girl. 

Blessings On Candle Lighting

A particularly special gift for Jewish women. It is customary for Jewish women to ask for blessings at time of candle lighting on the eve of the Sabbath. Candle Lighting erev shabbat (the eve of the sabbath) is a special time as we welcome in the Sabbath after thorough preparations and in complete faith we ask for special needs and blessings. At this time, it is especially useful to have the blessings and special shabbat candlesticks & candelabrum for shabbat candle lighting. 

We carry a fabulous selection of glass, crystal, hand painted in wood and metal candlesticks specially for lighting shabbat candles. The prayer / Tefillah for candle lighting is often engraved on a featured plaque in crystal or glass at the center making it a choice gift for hostess on a Friday night. A meaningful embued custom it is one of the only three mitzvot encumbant upon women that are time dependant. 

Exquisite collection of Candlesticks and candle holders for shabbat and general use. Israeli brand candle holders are used on Yom Tov holidays and shabbat are a beautiful gift idea. So why wait, but shabbat candlesticks & candelabrum options from our store today. 

Shop our Candlesticks & Candelabrum Department store online now.

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