Kosher Chocolate Platter Truffles

Kosher Chocolate Platter Truffles. What an elegant gift what a beautiful presentation. Here is a huge 2 to 3 lb box of gourmet creamy Chocolate Truffles all arranged in a stunning mosaic pattern… Like a picture – it is picture perfect and sure to please.
Chocolates include: Amaretto Truffle, Raspberry Truffle, Hazelnut Truffle Cups, Rum Truffle, Espresso Truffle, Apricot Brandy Truffle, Caramel Cream Truffle, Mandarin Orange Truffle, Cappuccino Cream Truffle…

Guaranteed Kosher Parve (OU). That means that these Chocolate Platters can be enjoyed with either Meat or Dairy Meals, making them an ideal, choice gift.

  • Large 13″ Platter
  • X-Large 16″ Platter
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