100% Cotton Sukkah Walls

Fabulous Sukkah Printed walls in 100% durable cotton. Specially made to place in poles above and below along with ties on each side. Easily create your sukkah walls decoratively used year after year. Length is adjustable.

  • Standard = 2 Meter (79 inches)
  • Large = 3 Meter Wide (118 inches)
  • X-Large = 4 Meter Wide (158 inches)
  • Height is Standard 7 feet. Optionally you can request a wall with Window or Door in the description field. Note : if 4 Walls are ordered, you automatically get 1 with door, 1 with window.

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  • Buy a Sukkah

    Buy a Canvas Sukkah is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly and is pre-packaged in one concise box for easy shipping and storage. Approx Shipping Costs

  • Size 6 x 8ft = $55
  • Size 8 x 10ft = $180
  • Size 8 x 12ft = $180
  • Size 10 x 12ft = $185
  • Size 10 x 15ft = $200
  • Size 12 x 19ft = $290
  • Size 12 x 28ft = $300. Please choose the closest matching price to ship at checkout given the chart above. We’ll request a small adjustment as required if necessary after the order is placed.

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  • Bamboo Bundle – Bamboo Poles

    Our individual bamboo poles, imported from the Orient, are 1-11/4″ in diameter. They are packed in bales of fifty and come in 6′, 8′ ,10′, and 12′ lengths.

    Please note our website does not correct for shipping cost on this item. It costs $115 – $145 / Bundle to ship. Please use the shipping that most closely matches at checkout. We offer the best value in delivery cost. Price quoted per bundle of 50 Bamboo poles. If you would like to use your own carrier account or arrange pickup at our Brooklyn warehouse, then shipping will be waived entirely. Note, shipping provided is a best quote, if actual is lower, we may provide a refund.

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    Lulav and Etrog – Esrog Set Four Species Minim

    Four Species. High Quality arba minim (four species) Lulav and Esrog Set (Lulav and Etrog Set – Citron) includes vacuum packed freshly chosen 4 minim Hadas, Aravot / Aravos, Esrog , Lulav Palm Branches selected by our experts. Set ships UPS in a special protective case made just for the Lulav to include fresh aravos and hadassim, an exclusive mehudar esrog and lulov. The aravot and Hadasim branches are sent vacuum packed to assure freshness. Choose Premium shipping to send via 2nd day UPS from within USA. Early ordering (months in advance) are no problem as we hold your order until before Sukkos for fresh delivery. 4 Species Set for Tabernacles Feast – Sukkot – Sukkos For Community purchasing of four species, we’ve set a maximum discount based on quantity purchase. Pool together your group & community four species requirements. The more you order, the more you save toward maximum discount. Discount is automatically applied when you add to cart. Try it.

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